AHFF & Muscle Pit - Powerlifting Course

Strong Breeds Strong | taught by Henry Day & Corey Millar
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  • 25.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Welcome to our Flagship Course
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Chapter #1 History of Australian Powerlifting
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Chapter #2 Fundementals of Powerlifting
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Chapter #4 Understanding Clients & Screenings
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Chapter #5 Psychology of Powerlifting
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Chapter #6 Programming for Powerlifting
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Chapter #7 Powerlifting & Nutrition
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Chapter #8 Powerlifting Coaching
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Chapter #9 Powerlifting Competition
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Chapter #10 Equipment
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Chapter #11 Athletic Performance
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Chapter #12 Success Plan & Tools
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Chapter #13 Video Series of Injuries
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Chapter #14 Referee
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Certificate III in Fitness

Course description

" Strong Breeds Strong"

Our Powerlifting Course is designed for Personal Trainers whom have been Nationally Certified and want to take their Career's to the Next Level. 

AHFF & Muscle Pit have teamed up to deliver a theoretical and practical based workshop to enhance your learning, give you time to practice your skills and come back to fine tune. 

Not every athlete makes a good coach but by studying with us whom are Title Holding Powerlifters as well World Record Breaking Coaches their is undisputed NO-ONE better to learn from. 

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Henry Day  & Corey Millar
Henry Day & Corey Millar
Powerlifting Coaches

Henry Day: 

Henry is the CEO of CAPO in Australia which is the oldest Powerlifting Federation in Australia 

Henry's Quick Facts: 

-  Over 30 years in Power lifting 

- Master World Record Holder 

Corey Miller: 

Corey has been power lifting for 10 years and is the Vice President at the Muscle Pit - "Strong Breeds Strong"