AHFF Nutrition Course 1

Start your learning by understanding how the human body works & key features | taught by Kallie Kitas & Samantha Oldham
  • 20 Videos
  • 66 Texts
  • 23 PDFs
  • 30.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

AHFF Nutrition Course 3
AHFF Nutrition Course 2

Course description

The Australian Health and Fitness Federation has developed the Nutrition Level 1 course to give students a basic understanding of Nutrition and how the digestive system along with Case Studies, Sample Guided Meal Plans and explanations.

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Kallie Kitas & Samantha Oldham
Kallie Kitas & Samantha Oldham
Nutritionist & Natrupath - Trainer & Assessor

Kallie Kitas owner and head nutritionist from KK Nutrition has teamed up with Samantha Oldham owner and trainer/assessor from the Australian Health and Fitness Federation to deliver specific information & units for Personal Trainers and the general public. In addition we have a panel of expert nutritionist and other special guests to deliver the best course unit possible. 

We aim to educate people to make the right decisions for themselves and understand every human being is different there is no one size fits all! Our units contain a mix of Powerpoint slides, Lectures, Worksheets, Case Studies and Sample Plans everything you need to be well equipped!